Talk: Mark Farid

English artist Mark Farid presents his ‘Seeing I’ project at the Strasbourg Biennale of Contemporary Art, Sunday 13 January at 16:30 at the Café de la Biennale.

‘Seeing I’ : Total Surveillance

The Other is the source of Farid’s ‘virtual’ life. From the mundane activities of brushing their teeth and commuting, to going out and enjoying themselves, Farid will witness all: even their more intimate moments with family, friends and their partner.

When every moment of an individual’s life is auto-publicised, with no thought given to the concept of privacy, it necessarily follows that there must be an indelible effect on the human psyche, subconsciously adapting to being watched.

Privacy allows one to live without the fear of social reprisal, living instinctively and protecting the self-validation innate to individuality. But with the Other’s identity, behaviours and actions streamed publicly, lived by an absent but all-seeing and hearing stranger, Seeing I will tackle the dichotomy of our contemporary lives, in which we are willing spectator and spectacle, monitoring the subsequent effects on the Other.

Just as a film invites us to passively share in its protagonist’s life, Farid will peer into the life of the Other; but, unlike a filmmaker, the Other will lack the authority to edit, cut or re-film their recording. In spite of the clear instruction to live their life as usual, will the Other start to perform or self-censor their actions? Will the 24-hour a day surveillance affect their relationship with others?

Ultimately, will the Other and their partner be happier broadcasting their life, validating their every decision through the knowledge that everything is being acknowledged, or, will the lack of privacy become too much?

Conference in English with French traduction.
Duration: 45 minutes.
Free admission, limited seating available.

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