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Vincent Broquaire

Vincent Broquaire was born in 1986. He lives and works in Strasbourg.

Vincent Broquaire (c) Marion Vézine

His work focuses on drawings, animated films, websites, video installations and books. After completing his studies at the Lorient École des Beaux-arts and at Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg (HEAR), Vincent Broquaire has gone on to participate in numerous exhibitions both in France and overseas.

The artwork produced by Vincent Broquaire builds links between nature and new technology, at the centre of which humans position themselves as all-powerful decisionmakers and manipulators.

The landscape plays a key role in his piece, where it is considered as a technical construction transformed according to the needs and whims of man. The artist builds a critical vision, fed by irony and poetry, entwining fiction and reality on the theme of man and his insatiable need for control over his environment. Vincent Broquaire depicts the landscape, both terrestrial and otherwise, as a perfectible backdrop in perpetual transformation. Man, armed with his devices, shapes, moves, amplifies, maintains, uncovers, improves or removes each element at will. With a conscious and offbeat view, Vincent Broquaire manipulates the ever-smaller space between (science)fiction and reality.

Text © Julie Crenn
Photo © Marion Vézine
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Notable exhibitions

His work has been exhibited at the Venice Biennale, XPO gallery, Paris, at the Sciences-Po contemporary art prize in Paris, at the Paréidolie show in Marseille, at the Nantes museum of fine arts, Moving Image in New York, and at the Hypersalon in Miami.

His work has been featured by France Culture, Libération, Canal Plus, Les Inrocks, Postmatter, Artsy and Artpress.

Vincent Broquaire at the Strasbourg Biennale

  • 5 works presented
  • Venue : Hôtel des Postes and Place Gutenberg